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Pipeline Hazard Awareness and Prevention

In the United States, natural gas transmission pipelines have the best safety record of any type of long-distance transportation system in the country. Natural gas is clean, convenient and efficient, which makes it today's energy of choice.

Like all forms of energy, natural gas must be handled properly. Despite an excellent safety record, a gas leak caused by damage to a pipeline may pose a hazard and has the potential to ignite. Iroquois works diligently to ensure the safety of our pipeline through a variety of measures, including:

  • Participation in one-call and dig safe programs
  • Inspection programs
  • Design and construction practices
  • Workforce qualifications
  • Public education programs
  • Industry safety practices and government oversight
  • Pipeline markers and facility mapping
  • Leak surveys
  • Patrol of facilities
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Odorization
  • Communication and coordination with city and municipal agencies
  • Security measures
  • Pipeline integrity management programs

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