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Pipeline Integrity Management

The importance Iroquois places on safe operations and system reliability is reflected in the use of current technology – not only for our upgrades and expansions, but also in our on-going integrity monitoring program. This program, in compliance with the safety initiatives of the U.S. Department of Transportation, currently includes an annual walking inspection of the right-of-way, flyovers to detect any unusual activity, a periodic in-line inspection to detect damage or metal loss in the pipeline, as well as other activities.  Extra measures are taken to protect zones considered to be High Consequence Areas (HCA) such as hospitals, schools, prisons, playgrounds and religious facilities.

Our Integrity Management Program focuses on detecting potential issues (or areas of concern) as soon as possible. In addition to participating in one-call systems:

  • Aerial inspections of the pipeline land route are performed as part of our annual leak survey.
  • Pilots and Technicians perform aerial or ground surveillance of the pipeline right-of-way to spot disturbance or activity near the pipeline by third parties.
  • Technicians monitor our cathodic protection system to be sure it is operating properly and protecting the pipeline from corrosion.
  • Skilled industry experts perform periodic internal inspections of our pipeline, which help detect metal loss, dents, or deformation from outside sources.

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