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The Iroquois Report Newsletter - The Latest From The Line

Follow our latest community initiatives and expansion projects. Meet some of our staff. Gain new insights on environmental ventures, pipeline safety, and events we're participating in. The Iroquois Report is a newsletter distributed to landowners, elected officials, regulators, environmental organizations and the media along our pipeline to keep them informed of our activities.

We invite you to read the Iroquois Report, download the current issue, or access our archives. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive the Iroquois Report, please contact us and provide your name and mailing address.

Iroquois Report Table of Contents

2019 Spring Edition

  • Safe Operations & System Reliability
  • Right of Way Activities Planned for 2019
  • Creating Awareness for Pipeline Safety
  • Vegetation Maintenance on the Iroquois Right-of-Way

2018 Spring Edition

2017 Spring Edition

2016 Spring Edition

2015 Spring Edition

2014 Spring Edition

2013 Spring Edition


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