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Iroquois' Partners in Environmental Stewardship

Through Corporate Sponsorships and grants to local and national organizations, Iroquois continues to collaborate on initiatives that enhance and protect the environment in communities through which our pipeline passes. Some of the many projects we have funded through the Land Preservation and Enhancement Program (LPEP), Land Enhancement and Acquisition Fund (LEAF) and Iroquois’ Community Grant Program are described below.

The Nature Conservancy
Nature’s Real Estate Agent

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) acts to preserve habitats and species by buying the lands and waters they need to survive.

Iroquois proudly supports both the Connecticut and New York State chapters of TNC as a Corporate Sponsor and also partners with local chapters within Connecticut and New York by providing grants for projects within our pipeline communities. Through Iroquois’ LPEP and LEAF programs, TNC has purchased land to preserve the unique natural community of the globally significant Albany Pine Bush Preserve in Albany County; improved access, restored wetlands and acquired easements to provide added protection to the rare freshwater tidal swamp at the Lewis A. Swyer Preserve in Columbia County; and completed an ecological restoration of the Roger Perry Memorial Preserve in Dutchess County.  In Connecticut, TNC developed a Conservation Biology Research Program for the study of tidally influenced portions of the Housatonic and Connecticut Rivers and enhanced a wildlife habitat through the creation of a butterfly meadow at Sunny Valley Preserve.

Ducks Unlimited
World Leader in Wetlands Preservation

Ducks Unlimited is the world’s largest nonprofit wetlands, waterfowl and wildlife conservation organization, having conserved nearly 8 million acres of waterfowl habitat across North America.

DU purchased a marsh excavator with an LPEP grant to fund the Fletcher Creek Tidal Wetland Restoration Project.  The excavator restored 30 acres of tidal marsh located at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT improving habitat conditions for a number of fish and wildlife species.  In addition, an Iroquois LEAF grant assisted DU in the conservation of 123 acres in New York State -- 57 acres in Montgomery County and 66 acres in Lewis County.

The Housatonic Valley Association
Protecting Your Backyard

The HVA works to conserve the natural character and environmental health of our communities by protecting and restoring the lands and waters throughout the entire 2,000 square, tri-state Housatonic River valley.

Iroquois’ Community Grant program has provided funding to the HVA for the development of the Housatonic River for Life Primer -- a free guidebook that will teach citizens the steps they can take to keep their rivers clean.  It will also provide details on the best spots for water-related recreational activities, such as riverside hikes.

The Long Island Soundkeeper Fund

Founded in 1987, the Soundkeeper is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of Long Island Sound and its watershed. As Long Island Sound’s champion, Soundkeeper raises awareness and addresses critical issues with the commitment and support of a dedicated citizen network.

Iroquois awarded an LPEP grant to The LI Soundkeeper Fund to develop The SoundBook, an informative citizen’s guide to LI Sound and the Watershed; and a LEAF grant was awarded to produce a 32-page child activity book themed on protecting and preserving the Sound.

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