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Pipeline Purpose, Reliability and Location

The Iroquois system operates 416 miles of pipeline that delivers clean natural gas to commercial and industrial users, as well as to local distribution companies for residential use. Natural gas is the most popular home heating fuel in America, and pipelines are among the safest and most secure methods of transporting energy.

The benefits provided by our pipeline -- including market access, increased competition and greater energy diversity, and improved air quality -- are possible because our pipeline transports natural gas reliably and safely. Advanced technology and comprehensive monitoring and maintenance programs ensure the integrity of the pipeline, and enable us to provide the reliable service that helps keep our customers competitive.

Since our transmission pipeline is buried underground, 4-foot tall white line markers with blue writing and trim identify its approximate location.  These markers, which are mostly located at road crossings, display our name as well as our Emergency Contact Number.  Markers only indicate the general location of a pipeline and cannot be relied upon to indicate the exact position.

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