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Business Development & Transportation Services
Iroquois’ Business Development and Transportation Services Department works with customers to meet their energy needs and assure that they are satisfied with the service they receive. This support may include working with a customer to attach new markets, resolve questions about contractual rights or Iroquois’ operations, drafting new FERC Tariff language, developing new services through Iroquois’ Customer Working Group, or negotiating with a customer to extend an expiring contract. If you have any questions or concerns regarding new or existing service from Iroquois please contact the subject experts below or our Director, Todd White.

Todd White
Director, Business Development and Transportation Services
(203) 925-7284

Business Development

Iroquois has a strong 20+ year record of working with customers and communities to successfully developing environmentally sensitive, economic expansions.  As parties increasingly demand cleaner, cheaper gas supply, we stand ready to work with them to meet the region’s growing energy demands.  Our Business Development Manager is eager to work with you to find creative new ways to meet your needs. If you would like more information regarding our pipeline or our ability to service your plant, please contact:

Robert Perless
Project Development Manager
(203) 944-7016

Commercial Regulations, Standards, and Rates

Iroquois’ Commercial Regulations and Standards Manager works with customers, regulators, and industry counterparts to standardize and improve business processes here at Iroquois as well as throughout the energy industry while ensuring that we comply with applicable commercial regulations.  He chairs our Customer Working Group to assure that our services and tariff language meets our customers’ needs.  If you have ideas for new types of service or questions about Iroquois’ tariff please give him a call.

Tom Gwilliam
Commercial Regulations and Standards Manager

Transportation Services

The Transportation Services team ensures Iroquois shippers have what they need to transport gas while providing excellent customer service, maintaining strong and efficient systems and collaborating with integrity and respect.

The Senior Gas Accounting Coordinator can assist with invoices and questions relating to Iroquois OnLine (IOL).  The Business Analyst can help with questions relating to Regulatory Reporting. 

George Alcoforado
Business Analyst

ICE Chat: galcoforado

Helena Clancy
Sr. Gas Accounting Coordinator
ICE Chat: hclancy

Contracts and Credit Services

If you are a new shipper, our Contracting and Credit Services Representative will assist you with processing requests for transportation service.

If you are a current shipper, the Contracting and Credit Services Representative can assist you with contract execution, open season, ROFR, and credit requirements.

Heather Chappa
Contracting and Credit Services Representative

ICE Chat: hchappa


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